b6_ouqdiuaajymsThe dust has settled, my liver is regenerating, my thoughts are becoming coherent again and I am reflecting on what was a fun trip to Belgrade through the medium of this blog post.

In short – I like it and I’ll definitely go back, I’d go back tomorrow if I had the chance.

Here’s the long story…

Xants from citydaygame has already had his say here however, we both had quite different experiences, even though we were shacking up together.

I really like the girls there. Their fashion is great, they’re friendly, feminine and I find them fucking hot. I think they liked me too because I got more IOI’s there than I did anywhere else.

The biggest difference I noticed was the monoculture in comparison to Prague. Monoculturism can be great politically but not for improving your chances of banging YHT. I think I only approached one foreigner and she wasn’t really a foreigner, she was from Montenegro. The trouble with so many local girls is that they have established social circles that include hordes of orbiters waiting for their chance. If they’re students in a foreign city (Prague) or just on holiday (London) then this obstacle is removed.

On the flipside, the fact that they are all local and live more or less identical lives can mean that they are bored senseless and are craving for some adventure in the form of Irish cock. Read more about that here.

Belgrade is a bit bigger than Prague. You have Knez Mihailova as well as the long road up towards the University. It’s a bit hillier which I wasn’t so keen on, but I guess it’s good for the fitness.

Another thing that did strike a chord with me about the city was that it was quite difficult to find an omelette after 12.30pm. The only way we overcame that obstacle was by making them at home. According to some in the community, this is absolute faggotry.

To me, the city didn’t feel burned. But I don’t think anywhere was as burned as Prague was this Summer. I still got my fair share of blow-outs, but no more than I would in London.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty…

Approaches: 49

Sessions: 5

Numbers: 10

Facebooks: 5

Flakes: 4

idates: 0

First Dates: 5

Second Dates: 3

Lays: 2

I number farmed hard the first day approaching 18 girls (a lot more than my usual) as I was full of new city vibe. The number of approaches gradually decreased in the subsequent days along with my vibe.

My vibe wasn’t helped much by the fact that I was drinking and smoking heavily every night and generally not sleeping very well due to construction going on outside our apartment.

One thing that did pick my vibe up massively was having good wings. I was winging with Xants most of the time and occasionally Mr Arr and sometimes both. We kept each others spirits up and I don’t think I would have approached as much solo, under the circumstances. A shout out also goes to Garzero whom I never daygamed with but had a few beers with, he seems like a nice chap and has some good stories.

I stopped approaching after the first 5 days. I just couldn’t be bothered any more and I’d built up enough leads and had set up some dates. Here are the dates in chronological order with a brief synopsis of what happened on each;

Date 1: Pink Panther – Monday 17 October – Awkward kiss goodbye

Date 2: Police officer – Tuesday 18 October – no kiss

Date 3: Cow Girl – Tuesday 18 October – Lay in the hallway of my apartment block

Date 4: Super K girl – Wednesday 19 October – Peck on the lips

Date 5: Red Head – Thursday 20 October – Proper kissing

Date 6: Pink Panther (date 2) – Thursday 20 October – Proper kissing

Date 7: Super K Girl (date 2) – Thursday 20 October – Peck on the lips

Date 8: Red Head (date 2) – Friday 21 October – Lay


As you can see I was double and triple booking myself as the clocked ticked on. I set aside the hole of my last day for the red head as I had a good feeling about her.

I have a handful of leads which are still texting that I never got out, including one I closed from ‘night game’ which at the moment for me is approaching girls when half pissed (hopefully this will not be the case for much longer with the help of Jimmy). All of the girls I went on dates with are leads except for the Super K girl who has since went psycho over text. There’s still enough to go back for and a couple of them are even talking about coming to London to visit me. This is not always a good idea which I am currently discovering with my Russian. FML.

As with any city, I think if you can spend a month there your chances of getting laid will increase. Most of the girls I got out on dates were very K selected in that it would have taken 3 or 4 dates. I need to improve my screening abilities on these K girls to try determine which ones are time wasters earlier on.

What does all of this mean?

I’ve caught the bug and have already started laying the foundations. My plan for next year is to quit my job and go contracting, working only 6 to 8 months of the year. I will be ‘euro-jaunting’ the rest of the time. I haven’t decided on a timeline yet or if I will stick to the 10 day stints or a month or longer in each place. But I’ve decided I’m definitely doing it, the red pill is beginning to sink its teeth in.



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