She didn’t have quite as many tattoos, but not far off.

This one took a while to close the loop.


I opened her at the beginning of August, it was my first approach of the day as I got off the tube at Oxford circus. She was dressed in black leather pants and a white baggy top. I teased her on looking like a gangster rapper and jumped around various other topics. It’s still a sticking point of mine, not “unpacking the topic” as Tom Torero told me on my training with him a year ago.

I found out she was born in Hong Kong, her parents are from India and she’s lived her adult life in London. So what flag does that make her? Technically she’s Chinese, but she obviously looks as Indian as the girl in the corner shop, except hot. She’s a solid 7.

Logistics proved to be tricky as she lived quite far out of London and it would take me 6 weeks to get her out on the first date.



Date 1

I met her on a Sunday night at 7.30pm outside Covent garden tube station. She showed up in tight jeans, a tight fitting top and a little blazer, she looked hot, possibly an 8 now. One of the many perks of daygame is that the girls generally jump up a point when they do themselves up for the date.

I walked her down long acre and got a table outside the Sussex pub. It wasn’t a great first venue as the only table available was beside a group of drunken English yobs who had clearly been drinking all day. They interrupted us two or three times, one of them actually fell over right beside me and I had to help him up. I quickly finished my beer and told her to finish her drink before bouncing her to a well known bazaar in Seven Dials.

This venue was a lot better but she insisted on eating as she hadn’t eaten all day. I told her I don’t normally eat on dates but relented the frame and we got a platter of nibbles. I used it to my advantage by playing the parody chode and hand feeding her the food.

She shared quite a lot of personal information about her childhood and I quickly put her into the ‘r’ box. Her parents were Sikh but she didn’t practice any of that stuff, she had 6 tattoos, had seen a lot of the world and wasn’t happy with her current career as a nursery teacher. She’s eager to travel more and hasn’t found her ideal job yet.

It was getting to around 10pm now and I hadn’t escalated that much, i probably did too much comfort as I was enjoying the conversation. She said she had to leave soon as it would take her more than an hour to get home. No first date lay.

I walked her back to the tube station and as we were about to part ways I pulled her in to kiss her on the lips. She responded enthusiastically by kissing me with full tongue. Fuck, I should have tried that earlier.

I suggested that she come to my place the following weekend for ‘dinner and a movie’. She responded saying ‘dinner and a movie, huh?’. I said, why not? with a cheeky smile. She agreed.



As the following Saturday was rolling around a huge cold sore developed in the corner of my mouth (see Herpes-celling). I had no choice but to cancel the date as I didn’t think she would find me sexy looking like that.

I text her telling her I’d caught the lurgy and proposed that we do it the following weekend. She agreed.


I hit the streets yesterday for my first proper session in about 2 weeks. I was thoroughly uninspired by the quality on display on the streets of London. I only did 6 approaches in 4 hours getting one weak facebook close (she hasn’t even accepted the friend request). I was winging with Xants who had a great day closing 5 girls out of around 10 approaches.

Whilst I was out I received a text from her at around 3pm.

‘OMG I’ve just woke up, I think I’m still intoxicated’

‘Bad girl, I guess this means you won’t be making it to Shoreditch?’ She was supposed to come to mine at 6pm.

She didn’t respond for ages so Xants and I went for a couple of beers. We were still drinking at around 7pm when she finally text to tell me she would be arriving at 8.30pm. Game on.

Date 2

I got back to Old street station to find her there waiting for me. She was wearing a similar outfit to the previous date and looked hot, again.

I told her it was too late to cook now and suggested we get a takeaway and head back to mine. She agreed.

We went to a ramen place near mine, ordered food and had a drink while we waited.

As we sat there she challenged, ‘why are we going back to your place, can’t we just eat here?’

I told her it was more comfy back at mine and I could put on some nice music.

When we got back to my place I put some music one and we ate the food, mine was minging so I ate most hers, much to her dismay. We had a cigarrette on the balcony and then I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

We kissed a lot and I reached down to rub her pussy outside her jeans. She said ‘no we can’t do anything, I’m on my period’.

Normally at this point I would have taken out the trusty red towel, but I recalled golden nugget of PUA advice from Krauser’s latest book (page 410 for those of you who have it).

I asked her which day it was, she told me it was the fourth day. I told her to go to the bathroom, she could take a shower if she wished.

When she returned from the bathroom she started stripping and then jumped me. Guess it wasn’t that bad down there.

Adventure Sex?

She was a great lay, she had a nice little ass with quite large boobs for a small girl. Her brown skin was covered in tattoos and she was pretty wild. I was raw-dogging her and she didn’t seem to care.

I’m not used to the old raw-dogging so I came quickly, fortunately I pulled out just in time to jizz all over the bed.

She said ‘Is that it?’

It made me think of that Flight of the Conchords song however, I refrained from saying ‘two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven’.

Instead I whipped out the love wand and started to pleasure her with that. She really liked this and was moaning very loudly whilst digging her nails into my back, this got me hard again pretty quickly.  I turned her round and fucked her hard doggy style whilst pulling her hair before pulling out to come on her back.

She stayed the night and I even made her breakfast before she departed the next morning. I will definitely be keeping her around.





5 thoughts on “Lay Report: Indian Outlier

  1. >> I hit the streets yesterday for my first proper session in about 2 weeks. I was thoroughly uninspired by the quality on display on the streets of London. I only did 6 approaches in 4 hours getting one weak facebook close (she hasn’t even accepted the friend request).

    Helps me to hear this. That’s real for me… almost every other time. Yesterday, 12 approaches, pretty fun day. But that is not always so.

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