_41598274_des416Japanese – 21 August

Slovak – 29 August

Russian – 3 September

Turkmen – 11 September

That’s four new girls in 22 days, my best run of form to date on my daygame journey. All of the girls were hot (apart from the Slovak, 6.5 max), their average age was 20, I enjoyed their company and I will continue to see two of them.

I was considering shutting this blog down after a fellow daygamer broke the bro code as mentioned in my previous post. However, the situation sorted itself out in the end and the Russian is coming to visit me next month, she obviously knows about the blog and is still keen (hopefully that won’t change when she reads this). Lose-Win-Win.

Anyway, enough grandstanding from me, here’s the latest story (which may contain more grandstanding)…

This girl is a bit different to the rest in that it took me FOUR dates to get the notch. I say notch reluctantly, as I genuinely wouldn’t have minded a few more dates, it wasn’t about the notch. But it was bloody good when I got it.

I opened her at the beginning of August. I was out with Vaughn and another wing from Manchester. It was a Saturday and I had been out of London most of the week, as soon as I arrived back I hit the streets at around 7pm.

I wasn’t having much success and we were all about to throw in the towel to go for a pint as it was now around 9pm. The other lads had walked ahead of me a bit when I saw this cute little thing walking towards me quite fast. She was about 5’4”, tanned skin, brunette with big dark brown eyes, quite slim and had a peachy little ass. I was wondering why they weren’t running after her as they must have obviously seen her first. I stopped wondering and made chase.


I stopped her strongly, smiled and delivered the opener. I can’t remember much of what I said and I didn’t record this set. One of the main reasons I try to record every set is that I often walk out of there not knowing what the hell I’ve just said. I’d like to say this is because I’ve internalised the skill set, but it’s more likely because my brain is pickled from all the boozing down the years. Or maybe it’s a wee bit of both.

Anyway, I found out that she had just turned 22, was from Turkmenistan (I’d never heard of this country and felt stupid when I told her this in set),  was here for another couple of months before she would go overseas to finish the last year of her degree in politics. She was an 8, a high 8.

I collected the number and went to catch up with the others to find that Vaughn was in set with a Polish girl. His set lasted forever so we left him there to go to the pub. I thought no more of Turkmenistan until the next day.

I sent the feeler and she responded enthusiastically. Our first two dates had to be rescheduled before I eventually got her out about 10 days after the close. This is much longer than I normally like from close to first date. I kept her on the hook in between with some pinging (I’m too lazy to upload the messages, but it was nothing creative, I’m still shit at texting).

Date 1 – the usual

I followed my usual date strategy of taking her to a busy bar first and then to a darker, more secluded bar for the second. I quickly classified this girl as very K selected and knew that I wouldn’t be fucking her that night or the next or probably even the next. She told me what it was like growing up in Turkmenistan, that she’d only ever had two boyfriends, was pro-Trump and pro-Brexit (LOVE), liked working out etc. Basically, she was fucking hot and had some brains so I enjoyed hanging out with her.

At the end of the date I walked her back to her place and jokingly invited myself up. She gave me a look of pity before announcing that she’s not that type of girl. I went for a kiss on the lips, she turned her head away so that I could only get her cheek.

I walked away from the date feeling frustrated.

There was more texting before I got her out for date 2 a week or so later.

Date 2 – picnic in the park

I arranged to meet her at the Sainsbury’s just off Oxford street, we’d get our supplies from there and walk to Regents Park. Or at least that was the plan.

I was due to meet her at 19:30, I got there on time and there was no sign of her. It got to 19:50 before I text her asking if she was lost. She replied quickly saying ‘no, i’m standing outside Sainsburys’. She was at the wrong one. I walked to her as she didn’t know how to work Google Maps. I gave her minus points for this when I eventually found her.

The date was nice, I gave her a massage in the park and got a proper kiss. From there we went for a beer in a bar nearby when it started to get dark and cold.

I walked her home and again invited myself up to hers. She smiled this time and refused. I tried to seed the next date so that it was closer to my place. She said ‘Maybe’.

I went off to Prague for a couple of weeks and pinged her a couple of times when I was there.

Date 3 – drinks near my place

We met up soon after I got back and went for drinks in a couple of bars near my place. I invited her back to mine and she flat out refused, she actually got quite angry when I suggested it. I called her a grumpy little princess and told her I liked her bitch face. She lightened up and I seeded date 4 which would be cooking at my place. She agreed but only if she could cook. Deal.

Date 4 – dinner at my place

I met her at the tube station again (she was an hour late) and told her off for being late. We walked to the supermarket to buy what she needed for cooking as well as a bottle of wine.

We got back to mine, I showed her around the apartment and put on some music. I pointed at the kitchen and said ‘get to work, woman’. She laughed and told me to ‘sit down and shut up, man’.

We chatted nonsense as she cooked and I lay on the couch drinking beer and playing on my phone. When the food was ready I set the table, dimmed the lights and lit some candles. It was quite romantic.

We ate the food then had a smoke on the balcony. After this we sat on the couch and started kissing. I asked her if she would like to watch a movie and grabbed the laptop. She said no and took the laptop and put it back on the coffee table.

‘Ok, how about a massage?’


I picked her up (she weighs 45kgs) and took her through to the bedroom. I started to massage her, gradually removing layers of clothing as I went. I oiled her up as I massaged her and she was getting very into it.

Soon all of our clothes were off and the P was in the V. Absolutely no LMR (If you don’t count the previous 3 dates).


Afterwards I asked her when she decided that she wanted to do it. She said she never really decided, it was a natural progression and seemed like the right time. She carried on to tell me that she hadn’t had sex for over a year before asking me when I last had sex.

‘Ummmm, a couple of months ago’ I couldn’t keep a straight face.

‘You are SUCH a liar, I can see that you’re lying, tell the truth’

‘OK, OK, maybe a month or so ago’

I quickly changed the subject before she quizzed me more on it.

Other fun facts

She tells me that she’s been approached many times on Oxford street and that I was a lot more creative than the others and didn’t give off a creepy vibe, I was the first one she gave her number to (so she tells me).

Her biggest turn-off is a jealous man. Yet she has sent me selfies with her and other men and she likes to tell me when she’s been approached in the street. So she told me what she dislikes then shit-tests me (still does) to see if she can make me jealous. I don’t know if she is doing this consciously, probably not, but I’ve learned that hot girls do things like this all the time.

She’s here for another few weeks so I will continue to see her and I will probably be sad when she leaves. If she finds this blog as well, then I’m retiring from the blogosphere.





7 thoughts on “Lay Report: Turkmenistan?!

  1. Good report, good handling of her anger when she refused to come back on the 3rd date.

    Less than 4 guys slept with they seem more k selected

    Assuming you just ignore the photos she sends you with other guys? Or tell her they look good together.. 😀


  2. Hey Man.

    Cool report, nice job, and congrats on the skin. Your month sounds awesome. I’m inspired.

    >> I met her at the tube station again (she was an hour late) and told her off for being late.

    This same thing happened to me, 3 weeks ago. 30+ min late for the first date. 20+ late for the 2nd… so I gave her shit about it. I didn’t get serious, but I called it out.

    Curious… you mind saying more about this? What did you say? How did she react? How did you get the vibe back after that kind of start??

    In my case, I said, “I don’t know much about you… but I do know you’re late a lot.” And then I smiled. She apologized immediately. I pushed it a bit more, she qualified, I smiled, I kino’d her and moved on. I wrote about it on my blog (DAY3 WITH TAIWANESE GIRL).

    3rd date… which was a meet at my place… she was about an hour later than she said she’d be. We’re meeting up again on Saturday… and I’m definitely going to have her to come to me… so I can chill while she’s busy being late.

    SMH. She’s a fun girl… but being late is lame. She’s only here for a bit, so I won’t press it… but I’m interested in how we show boundaries and still maintain a vibe.



    1. Thanks dude. I tell her off every time. That particular time I asked what she was doing and she said she was busy getting ready, told her that she should ask Santa for a watch for Christmas. She got annoyed then I reminded her that I’m the one who should be annoyed and then she was really apologetic…. I met her again last night and she was 30 mins late. After 5 minutes I went to the nearest pub from the meeting point and got a pint, waited for her to text ‘here’ and told her to come to me. You have to show boundaries with the Princesses.


      1. >> You have to show boundaries with the Princesses.

        Yeah. I hear you. The boundaries apply to everyone… but I have to “flex” more w/ Princesses.

        Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between a princess as a girl that is just a bit of a fuckup. I don’t care if she’s a fuckup… unless her issues mess with my time. Hmmm.

        Thanks for the details. I appreciate it.


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