emma watson.jpgI approached this girl on a Sunday evening two weeks ago on Oxford Street.

She made fleeting eye contact as she passed which I took as a definite IOI.

I opened with “excuse me, I saw you back there and thought you looked cute. You do know it’s rude to stare and not say hello, right?”

She looked about 18 years old. When we got chatting I found out she was 21, English (with one Malaysian and one Swiss parent) and a recent graduate in photography. She had a piercing beneath her bottom lip and lots on her ears. She was an outlier, if a shy one.

It was a quickish set (5mins) as she was in a hurry to go meet friends for drinks. I teased her for drinking on a school night. I also teased her for looking like Hermione (grown up!) from the Harry Potter movies, she is almost a spitting image. She giggled, in fact she giggled at nearly everything I said.

I took the number.


The texting was slow. Initially she was taking over a day to reply but, she was replying. I invited her out, she said she couldn’t make it. I said ok, I’ll be in touch when I’m back from holidays.

I ping her a nice photo of the scenery whilst on holiday. She loves it.

I set up a date for the day after I get back from Marseille.

First date

She lives quite far out of London so I told her to meet me outside Covent Garden tube station at 8pm on the Friday night.

I text her on the day to tell her I’ll be late, can we make it 8.30pm instead. She agrees (this also confirms the date is still on).

She turns up at 8.45, I tell her she’s buying the first drinks for being late. She giggles. She is a very giggly girl, I’m really not that funny.

She is wearing doc Martin boots, a skirt which shows of plenty of her surprisingly long legs (shes 5′ 4″) and a tight fitting top. She looks hot despite the doc martins. Solid 7, maybe even a 7.5.

I took her to a pub in Covent Garden for the first venue. We sat opposite each other and spoke about family, our current situation, hobbies etc. All that boring but essential comfort stuff.

I then took her to a darker quieter venue in 7 dials. We sat beside each other on a couch this time. I ran a bit more comfort whilst drawing diagrams of the things I was describing on her thighs. After this I break the 4th wall and say “you do know that was just and excuse to touch your leg, right?” She giggles and says “at least you’re honest”.

We then proceeded to the questions game. I’ve stopped playing this on recent dates for fear of being too gamey, but I knew this girl wouldn’t mind. She was accepting all of my advances, if not reciprocating them yet.

Before long we were kissing. She wasn’t a great kisser. During the questions game I pegged her as half R and half K (most girls). She told me she’d only ever had one serious boyfriend of four months but that she definitely wasn’t a virgin. I was sceptical.

Before I new it, it was 11pm and she said she had to go so as not to miss the last train home. I  told her she could crash on my couch, she declined. As she was getting ready to leave I asked her if she could cook, she said no, I said I was a great cook, how about dinner and a movie at my place for the next date. She said “we’ll have to see about that”.

Second Date

It was a Monday, I pinged her in the afternoon to see if she’d behaved the rest of the weekend. She replied as all girls do saying “I always behave 😇”. I told her I’d like to see her again and that I was free Monday (that night) and Tuesday. She chose the Monday. I was a bit worried as a massive spot had developed in the corner of my mouth which may put her of me kissing her on the lips (either pair).

I told her to meet me at Old Street tube station, the nearest tube to my place, at 8pm. She responded saying the earliest she could do is 8.30pm. Ok.

I then got stuck at work until after 7pm. I text her telling her I wouldn’t have time to cook, we could get a takeaway and some wine. She responded “aha, sounds good”. This is when I knew I was probably going to get laid. I got home, popped the humungous spot and figured I could just tell her I cut myself shaving, had a shower and got ready.

I got to the station at 8.30pm, again she was 15 minutes late. I playfully spanked her on the ass when she arrived for being late. This time she turned up in jeans and a jumper and hadn’t made as much effort as the first date. I asked her “where’s the mini-skirt? How am I supposed to see your legs?!”. She said “I’m sure you can figure it out”.

We picked up a pizza, some salad and a bottle of wine. When we got to my place I showed her around, we ate and after that we sat on the couch, listened to music and chatted more shit.

I then resumed the questions game going sexual straight away (basically picking up where we left off on the last date). We started kissing and she was making little moaning noises as we kissed. She was very horny.

I started rubbing her pussy over the top of her jeans and I could feel she was wet. I pulled off poured more wine, went back to kissing. I did this a couple of times before finally picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom. She didn’t have any complaints.

When we get to the bedroom I tell her “I’m an expert masseuse, I learnt everything I know from youtube”. She giggled, I whip out the baby oil and start massaging her back. I start removing the layers and getting her oiled up as I go. She is moaning quite a lot now and complains that I haven’t taken any clothes off and she’s practically naked (She was down to her matching bra and panties by this stage). I throw off all my clothes, she then tells me “I’m sorry”, “What are you sorry for?” says me.

“I’ve never done this before” says her.

I don’t rib her for lying to me in the first place. I just say “Don’t worry, I’ll take it easy”.

I start fingering her, I can barely fit my index finger in there!

I go down on her to get things moving a bit more freely. Soon we are fucking pretty hard and her tiny little vagina is bleeding all over my dick. Daygame rocks.

Post-coital Debrief

I ask her why she lied about the virginity. She said she found it embarrassing that she was still a virgin at 21. I told her there is no shame in it, what I didn’t tell her that I have fucked a 25 year old virgin (this was also from daygame, but pre-blogging days).

I asked her when she knew she was going to have sex with me, and as I suspected, she said “when I agreed to come to your place”.

She then started telling me a lot of very personal things about her past. We cuddled and watched Vicky Christina Barcelona before fucking some more. I reckon I got about 2hours sleep before I had to get up and go to work, but I didn’t care. It was definitely worth it.



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