Sessions: 15

Approaches: 83

Closes: 25

idates: 2

Dates: 6

Lays: 2

May was a strange month. There was only one really good sunny weekend, I think it was the first weekend of may. I did 20 odd approaches and closed 12 of them. That’s half of my total for the month. The rest of the month was pretty shit weather wise, not that I’m using that as an excuse.

I moved into a new place in London at the beginning of May which turned out to be a shit hole. It was in a great location and I had the place to myself for the month while the other tenant was away travelling, but I just couldn’t put up with the state of the place. One of the girls I brought back was so disgusted by the place she wanted to leave and asked me “how can you live in this?!”… several times.

So now I’m in a much nicer place that I am sharing with a gay guy who seems cool so far. Location isn’t quite as good but I’ll make a plan.

Back to May.

I did 15 sessions, this isn’t as much as it sounds. A few of those were when I went out after work, with shit vibe and did one or two approaches, got nowhere, and went home. At least I tried though, eh?

I didn’t manage 4 proper sessions per week and I am still not finding (making) the time to do so. I did a few long sessions at the weekends, some solo, some winging with some of the citydaygame crew. I enjoy the winged sessions, especially when my vibe is down. Just last weekend I was extremely hungover, if it hadn’t have been for Mr S keeping me chatting between sets, I’d probably have sacked it off earlier.

I had two idates to nowhere, I closed both of them. One was a Spanish girl I tried to kiss after 20 minutes. Surprisingly, I never heard from her again. The other was a cute Lithuanian girl who I never even bothered following up on because she was leaving the country the next day.

I had 6 dates. I got laid from 2 of them, lots of kissing on one (i’ll see her again) and a peck on the lips from the other 3. Not bad, but as I mentioned in another post, I need to improve on two key areas on dates;

  1. Escalating
  2. Dealing with Princess behaviour

I’m happy enough with the month over all. My target was “4 sessions per week, 2 lays”, I got the 2 lays and that’s the most important stat of them all.

The weather must surely get better in June, therefore I will be slightly more ambitious for the month of June.

Target for his month – 4 sessions per week, 3 lays.



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