Last night I had a first date in my new area – Shoreditch.

This is a girl I met a few weeks back in London. She cancelled on me once already (I replaced her with the German that same night and got laid, see Lay report: German Teacher).

She’s a blonde Iranian with deep brown eyes and is very much a girly girl with designer clothing and lots of make up (she would fail the too much make-up test miserably). Id say she’s a 7, maybe a 6.5 without all the make-up.

I opened her inside Oxford Circus tube station, it was a solid set and I’d kept the momentum going with some pings texts over the last week  or two until the date. 

I asked her to come to Shoreditch. When she arrived at the meeting place (Old Street tube station) she looked hot. Tight black leather pants, black heels and a tight top with a big jacket due to the cold. When she opened her mouth she immediately started complaining.

I’m cold, I’m tired, I don’t like this area. Where are we going?

This is going to fun, thought me.

I was winging it slightly as I had never been to any of the venues. I’d gotten some local advice from some of the citydaygame lads and did five minutes of google maps search about an hour before the date. Not the greatest planning, I know.
The first place I took her was called the bridge, it didn’t go to plan as the upstairs section I intended taking her to was closed and so we sat downstairs. She literally turned her nose up at this and I teased her for it.

The second venue, Hapinnes Forgets, was cooler but way too noisy. We sat at the bar on stools and I pulled her stool closer to me with her on it using the excuse that I couldn’t hear her.

The date lasted just over two hours. Most of the time I was sinking in comfort and I struggled to escalate this girl. She was quite masculine and shared some interesting opinions e.g. “I don’t like black people”, “I don’t like gays”. I did get a lot of kino in and made good, deep eye contact. The eye contact made her giggle with excitement and I could tell she was attracted. 

She kept telling me how funny I was. I said I thought it was my dashing good looks that made her come out, she quickly corrected me with “Nooo!”. I just laughed, she was obviously lying. 

I tried to kiss her a couple of  times but she kept saying “not on the first date”. 

This girl does seem genuinely interested in me and she even text me when she got home and has said she will bring me back a gift from her upcoming holiday. I’m just not sure I can be arsed seeing her again as it seems it may take a few dates to get anywhere with her.

I’ve had 5 or 6 dates very similar to this in the last month where I haven’t escalated enough and only got a peck on the lips at the end of the date. This could be down to their upbringing and nationality but it is happening too often for my liking. I think I need to go back to the drawing board on my date game. Time to dust off mastery.


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