This one was especially sweet considering that she was resisting and giving me shit tests from the moment I opened her on the street, right the way through to the bedroom.


I saw a short brunette walking towards me down Market Street in Manchester. I forced an IOI, let her walk by so I could check out her ass. It was big and juicy with a tiny waist above it. I was gay if I didn’t open.

“Excuuuuuse me, it’s rude to stare and not say hello…”

She gives me a confused glare, I carry on.

“You do speak English right?”

She nods and signals, a little, I proceed…

“I think you look very cute, you seemed to be walking along in your own little bubble without a care in the world.”

Then came the barrage of shit tests.

“What do you want?”

“You can’t just talk to a girl on the street, this doesn’t happen in my country!”

“Do you do this to all the girls”

“You could be a murderer.”

I overcame all of them with a combination of ignoring them and turning it back on her. Eventually I got her laughing and into comfort.

I find out she’s Turkish, here to study and only arrived a few weeks ago and doesn’t really know anyone in Manchester. Perfect.

When I went for the close she said

“No, You are a womanizer”

I didn’t disagree.

“I’ll text you once, if you don’t reply, so be it” I said, with a cheeky grin.

I pinged her a couple of times over the last couple of weeks and set up the date for the next time I was back in Manchester.

Day 2

I was fifteen minutes late as I got stuck in the office. She arrived wearing tight blue jeans, a black leather jacket and she had put make-up on, no heel but she looked hot. When I closed her  I thought she was a 6.5, but now she looked a solid 7, maybe even a 7.5.

I walked her to the first bar (Affleck and Brown, in the Northern Quarter) where we sat at the bar. I did comfort for a while but she was still very sceptical and wanted to text her friends to let her know where she was. I told her that was rude, she was safe and if she didn’t feel safe she could leave whenever she wanted. She put her phone away. She told me a story where one of her chode boyfriends had planned to take a Chinese girl to the cinema that night, but this girl would only go with him if my date went with them. He told my date that she should cancel meeting me to tag along on his date to improve his chances with Chinese girl… I told her that her friend is a loser who can’t get a girl by his own means and that he was using her. She agreed and told me that she did not respect him. I feel sorry for him.

We walk to the next bar (Apotheca) where we sit beside each other on a couch. I escalate and try to kiss her. She pulls away. I tell her I will try a total of 5 times. She giggles. I did a bit more comfort and kino, giving her a shoulder massage, I tell her I’m an expert at massaging, I learnt everything I know from youtube. I go for 5th kiss attempt and she kisses me awkwardly.


We leave and I walk us in the direction of my place. She tells me she doesn’t like kissing in public and that she didn’t like kissing in the bar. I talk nonsense as we walk towards my apartment, it seems to do the job as she is not protesting. We get to my door and I say “come up for one more drink”. She agrees.

I show her around my apartment and pour us both some Baileys. We sit on the couch, I put some music on, we chat a little, have one sip of our drink each before we are kissing quite passionately.

I pick her up (she weighs about 45 kilos), walk her to my bedroom and throw her on the bed. We carry on kissing fully clothed and i rub her pussy over the top of her pants, I can feel that she is soaking wet. She pushes me off and says “I want to sleep, no more”. However, she proceeds to strip down to her underwear, she rolls over and pulls the covers over her head.

I get up, switch the light off and get undressed. I get in the bed and spoon her, she pushes her big ass in to my boner. Within seconds I’m inside her and she is wild!

My condom comes off half way through, and I raid my drawers, no more condoms… fuuuuck. She says, no problem and goes down on me to finish me off. What a nice girl.


I ask her when she knew she wanted to have sex with me, she says “when you started touching me in the second bar”. She proceeds to tell me that the reason she was so sceptical at the start is because she finds it difficult to find a man who will put up with her problem. Inside I’m thinking, shit, what problem?!

I ask her “what problem?”. She says “Once I start having sex, I never want to stop, I think I have a problem, and previous relationships have failed because of it”.

I tell her it’s natural but she disagrees.

We doze off and I wake at around 4am, she’s rubbing my dick. We start playing around again, before I know it we are fucking (bare back). This carries on for 3 hours before I get up, shower and go to work. Work was tough the next day, but it was worth it.

Turkish flag captured.

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