The Purpose

I was going to visit friends and decided to turn it into an extended winter escape. A good wing of mine got wind of this and asked if he could join, to which I said yes, as long as he knew that I wasn’t going to be gaming everyday.

The City

Cape Town is a stunning place. Bang in the middle of the city centre is a big mountain with a flat top – Table Mountain, you have the Indian Ocean on the East Coast, Pacific on the West. There is a buzzing nightlife, friendly people and most importantly – hot women.

The most common gripe about Cape Town and South Africa in general is that it’s dangerous. This is bullshit. If you have an ounce of intelligence about you, you will quickly figure out how to stay safe.

There is a massive disparity in wealth. There are some areas of where you have black people living in informal settlements (tin houses with no legal water or electricity supply) right next to a huge mansion with one or two rich white folk inside it. There’s definitely still a race stigma, which we won’t get into here.

The official population is just under 1 million, however, they don’t count the majority of people living in the informal settlement when carrying out the census.

The Women

I’ve never seen a more diverse range of women anywhere; admittedly, I haven’t seen most of the world. In Cape Town you have Whites of English, French, Italian and Dutch descent, Blacks, Cape coloureds (The result of the blacks and whites interloping), Portuguese, Chinese and Indian. This melting pot of cultures has resulted in some truly stunning women; it is common to see a petit white girl with big lips, ass and boobs. The vast majority of the women are obviously black because, well, it’s Africa. Of these black women about 2% of them are hot in my opinion.

Here are some more images of hot ones;


The Cost

I spent £700 on the flights, £400 on accommodation and £800 on spending money, so all in it was roughly £2,000 for a two-week trip. You could go anywhere on the world for that money. However, once you are there you get a lot of bang for your buck (not that type of bang). The Rand is very weak to the pound at the moment so you could get a beer in most places for £1-1.50 and a really good steak in a posh restaurant for £8-10. This is what I did pretty much every day and night, I could have easily spent less money if I cooked at the apartment, but I couldn’t be arsed with that.

The Daygame

There are not a lot of locations for a decent daygame session. The best spot is the V&A waterfront. If it’s not too hot outside you can walk around the harbour, the mall is quite big and this is where I did the majority of my daygame.

If beach game is your thing, there are plenty of beaches to try, there is also Long street which I have tried a few times. However, you get a lot of beggars here, especially at night time and it’s not always safe. Camps Bay is another area I’ve tried with no success.

In the Waterfront you a mix of foreign and local girls. It was model season (most of these are from overseas) when I was there. I think I approached four models and my wing approached more.

There were a LOT of cougars walking around this mall. I approached one of these and she seemed a bit shocked, I don’t think they’re used to this.

My main issue with the daygaming there was the lack in both quality and quantity.

I went daygaming 7 times. Overall I approached 28 girls, got 1 number to nowhere (she replied to every message but would never commit to meeting) and 1 instant date to nowhere (she had a bf). My average session lasted 3 hours – 1 approach every 1 hour 20 mins. Pathetic.

In my defence I was hung over for most of these sessions so my vibe was generally shit. My wing did at least double the approaches and got loads of numbers.

The Night Game

I am not a night gamer as I have mentioned in a previous post. I’m not against night game, I’d actually like to learn how to go out and approach women at night without a drop of alcohol. But for now it’s all about the daygame.

I think Cape Town is much better for night game than daygame. At night there are lots of girls in one place and the majority of them are hot. The only problem is that there is lots of competition. One night I went out and opened a two-set with a buddy. We got chatting and persuaded them to come to another bar with us. They did and even bought us a drink when we got there. I was standing talking to my one at the bar trying to figure out how I was going to isolate and then a massive black dude strolled over, stood between me and her, shook her hand and introduced himself. I could see she was attracted to him straight away. I stood there for a minute and awkwardly started talking to my friend and his girl. I felt like a tool. I didn’t know what to do so I just walked off with my tail between my legs. That was my first ever AMOG experience, feck night game.

Would I recommend it?

As a daygame destination – No, as a holiday destination, yes. There’s just not enough girls there, I think I have been spoiled by the sheer quantity of girls in London lately.


3 thoughts on “Cape Town Experience

  1. No good for you now but…. I’ve never gamed there I’ll admit, I was married to a girl from Cape Town (for my sins) for 9 long years and I spent lots of time there. If I was going to daygame Cape Town I’d do Century City, a giant mall just out of town, it’s safe and you’d have more to shoot at. You’d need a car to get there though….


    1. Thanks man… Wow 9 years of marriage?! I also spent lots of time there, lived in Cape Town for 7 years but the majority of that was pre-game… I tried century city a few times, not as many tourists but there are nice local girls there.


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