I’d be very happy if Manchester United remembered how to score goals in 2016. But that’s unlikely, so I’ll focus more on my personal goal.


mata 45

Juan Mata scored an excellent goal against Southampton last year.

My Goal: Have sex with at least two new girls that I have met through Daygame per month.

This is quite ambitious as I only got five lays in 2015 and four in 2014.

Assist/Build-up Play

Juan Mata scored the goal after a 45 touch passage of play, every player in the United team had a part to play in the lead up to the goal.

Daygame (Depay) – at least 3 sessions per week. I’m averaging this so far. It has definitely been a slog in these winter months but Spring is almost upon us. I will probably Daygame almost every day in Summer amongst the droves of fair weather daygamers in London. I expect the lay count to rise faster during this time.

Gym (Rooney) – I told myself I’d go 4 times a week. The reality so far has been 2-3 times a week but it’s still better than nothing.

Read (Schneiderlin) – at least 30 minutes before bed, preferably fiction. I’ve been pretty good at this although Season 4 of House of Cards just came out so I’ve been watching that instead of my reading.

Sleep (Schweinsteiger) – I usually only average 5 or 6 hours per night. I still haven’t managed to increase this and my vibe has suffered on many occasions as a result… I have found that I sleep better when I read before bed.

Alcohol (Valencia) – I’ve always been a big drinker. I’m still struggling to cut this out and it too has effected my vibe in set. I use Krausers’ line “excuse me, I have a hangover” way too much.

Travel (Smalling) – I intend to do a couple of long weekends throughout Europe in the Summer as well as a 10 day trip somewhere. All trips will be purely for Daygame, but I’ll take a couple of touristy pics along the way for Facebook likes/DHV’s.

Work (De Gea)- I am in the office for much longer hours than I am paid. I don’t actually mind this as I find my job quite rewarding. However, I’m half way through Tim Ferris’ “4 Hour Work Week”, this is forcing me to contemplate if/how I could work remotely in my profession.

Performance so far 

It started well, I slept with two new girls in January and one in February after a few near misses. I am yet to get a Daygame lay in March but I do have 2 “night game” notches (see Lay Report – Black Tattoed Girl and Lay Report – Cape Coloured Girl). The chances of  getting one this month are slim as I have a pretty hectic work and social schedule for the rest of the month.

Overall, I’d say I’m performing like Manchester City (in a good position but could be better). By the end of the year I want to be performing like Leicester City!



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